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Affogato Al Caffe Recipe – Beverage

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 Affogato Al Caffe Recipe  

Coffee affogato (Afogato Shot) – After tasting Affogato al
Caffe, you will undoubtedly experience knee trembling and say
“aff-o-gaaaato, gel-aaaa-to, es-preeeess-o” in your best imitation of
an Italian accent. (Holy Crud!) Merda Santa!

Recipe for affogato al caffe

The Italians are known for their ability to make a simple
treat provoke a strong reaction.

You may be familiar with the fable of Julia Child shunning
Italian cuisine because she didn’t think it represented true cookery. No
offence to Julia, but the simplicity of the majority of Italian cuisine is what
appeals to me.

In general, Italian cuisine emphasises on the ingredients
rather than the cook.

A tomato-based cuisine should, in theory, maintain the fresh
tomato’s authenticity. not muddle it with a myriad of other flavours. Italians
respect their cuisine by cooking straightforward dishes.


I admit that I was a little “stravagante” when
creating this Italian dessert. I apologise, but I couldn’t resist. I added some
Kahlua (mocha liquor), shavings of dark chocolate and gelato to the espresso.
Shameful. *wink*

Such a straightforward yet “stravagante” dessert
has the power to either save a dinner party, ignite a romantic relationship,
mend a broken heart, keep you up at night working on a project, or get you in
hot water. Use this one with caution. POWERFUL Affogato al Caffe.


What You’ll Need in the Ingredients

Affogato al Caffe, which translates to “drowned in
coffee,” is a tasty delicacy with a lot of flavour! It’s like an adult ice
cream float.


The two essential components are:

• vanilla gelato

• Espresso.

However, this recipe just calls for a

 few scoops of the BEST
vanilla ice cream, or gelato.

• Espresso – a couple of ounces of your preferred hot

• The liqueur Kahlua.

• Shaved dark chocolate.

Strav-a-gan-te is the term for any further varieties
containing espresso beans, chocolate, or amaretto. (extravagant)


The Best Affogato Gelato Recipe

Gather your ingredients and preferred glassware.

Fill a glass with two generous scoops of vanilla gelato.

Utilise your espresso maker to make a shot of espresso. (If
you like, you can prepare it ahead of time and let it cool to room

Over the gelato, pour one shot of espresso and one-half shot
of Kahlua liquor.

Shave chocolate curls onto the surface with a vegetable

Perfetto! You’ve created the ideal Italian dessert.


Questions and Answers

What toppings, besides chocolate shavings, may I add?

Biscotti, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, chocolate sauce,
and caramel sauce are additional toppings that would be wonderful as a garnish
for this recipe.


Yes, this recipe is gluten-free as are the majority of gelatos.


These two coffee-based Italian drinks are similar to one
another, but they are not the same. Espresso is a potent coffee beverage
created by applying pressure to hot water as it passes through ground coffee
beans. A scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato is combined with espresso to
create the Italian delicacy known as an affogato. What makes a difference,
then? Gelato!

Affogato Al Caffe Recipe - Beverage


Recipe for Affogato Al Caffe


AVERAGE TIME: 5 minutes

Affogato al Caffe, which translates to “drowned in
coffee,” is a tasty delicacy with a powerful flavour.



 2 scoops of GOOD vanilla ice cream or gelato.

• One espresso ounce.

•.5 ounces of Kahlua.

• 1 teaspoon of chopped dark chocolate.



Step 1. Fill a glass with two generous scoops of vanilla gelato.

Step 2. Add half a shot of Kahlua and one shot of espresso to the

Step 3. Add chocolate curls by shaving them with a vegetable
peeler. Perfetto!

Finish the recipe….

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