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Best Tools and Equipment for Artisan Bread Baking

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Making artisan bread is a fun and satisfying culinary experience that lets you produce hearty, aromatic loaves that are reminiscent of bygone eras. You must have the appropriate tools and supplies on hand in order to start your journey effectively. In this post, we’ll look at the crucial supplies and machinery that every aspiring artisan bread baker needs to take into account.

A superior mixing bowl

Every baker’s toolset must start with a reliable mixing bowl. Choose one made of stainless steel or glass because they are less likely to retain flavours or odours and are easier to clean. A big bowl gives you plenty of room to mix and knead your dough.

An electronic kitchen scale

In preparing artisan bread, accuracy is essential. With the help of a digital kitchen scale, you can measure your ingredients precisely and get consistent results. Every time, a proper dough consistency is ensured by weighing the ingredients in grammes or ounces, including the water and other ingredients.

pexels suzy hazelwood 1184265
pexels suzy hazelwood 1184265

Bench Scraper 3.

An effective tool for shaping, cleaning, and portioning your work surface is a bench scraper. It is essential for splitting up dough and moving it to your baking pan.

Baking stone or Dutch oven

For artisan bread to have a crisp crust and a light, airy middle, a moist baking atmosphere is frequently beneficial. This effect can be produced using a Dutch oven with a lid or a baking stone and steam pan. Moisture is trapped in the enclosed space, improving the bread’s quality.

Proofing Cans or Baskets

Invest in proofing baskets or bannetts to shape your artisan loaves and reinforce their structure during the final rise. These baskets include cotton or linen linings that drain moisture away from the dough’s surface, promoting the development of a lovely crust.

Razor or Lame Blade

Prior to baking, scoring the dough provides a decorative touch and also enables the bread to expand and release steam, improving oven spring. To make accurate slices on the surface of the dough, use a dull or extremely sharp razor blade.

Thermometer 7.

For optimal fermentation, maintaining the ideal dough temperature is crucial. You can ensure optimal yeast activity by keeping an eye on the temperatures of your water and dough with the use of a kitchen thermometer.

Dough Scraper 8.

Dough scrapers, sometimes referred to as dough cutters or scraper blades, help you work with sticky dough and clean your workspace. It comes in handy especially when shaping and dividing bread.

Cotton or linen tea towels

To keep the dough from drying out during the last rise, you must cover it. The optimum setting for the dough to proof while keeping the proper moisture level is a fresh piece of linen or a cotton tea towel.

Cooling Rack 10.

Place your newly cooked artisan bread on a wire cooling rack to allow it to cool fully. By doing this, you may avoid the crust being mushy from steam buildup.


Both talent and the proper tools and equipment are necessary to master the craft of baking artisan bread. When you have these necessary ingredients in your kitchen, you’ll be ready to make delicious loaves that will wow your family and friends. Therefore, don your aprons, grab your supplies, and get ready to start a wonderful bread-baking adventure that will advance your culinary abilities. Have fun baking!

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