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Homemade Frosting Recipe – Dessert

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Homemade Frosting Recipe

Making homemade frosting is incredibly simple and enjoyable.
A creamy vanilla frosting foundation can be used to create homemade funfetti

Short History of Frosting recipe.

Frosting was originally recorded in 1655 and was made with sugar, eggs, and rosewater. The cake was covered with frosting, which was then baked to become firm. The noun icing first appears in print in 1683, and the verb to ice appears to have been used in this sense as early as 1600. The term “frosting” was first used in 1750.


Candy Frosting

Why do sprinkles make us feel good?

Is it just the colour… Or perhaps childhood memories that
bring you back?

The majority of us are much more inclined to choose the
cookie, doughnut, or cupcake with sprinkles on top than any other alternative,
regardless of the motivation.

It is an empirical fact.

I don’t know who made the original decision to incorporate
sprinkles into frosting to create the well-known “funfetti” frosting
variety, but I’m very glad they did.

Making funfetti frosting is fun, spreading it over birthday
cake is fun, and eating it is even more fun!


Our Favourite Recipe for Homemade Frosting

Although I would never turn down a box of cake or a bottle
of icing, homemade cake and frosting actually taste better.

I think the icing in particular, in all humility.

Store-bought frosting typically has an extremely sweet
flavour and an undertone of “fake” flavour that has been

On the other hand, homemade frosting tastes like genuine
butter, real cream, and real vanilla… Considering that’s what’s in it.

Additionally, you can alter the frosting’s sweetness and
thickness by varying the amount of powdered sugar you use.

To counteract the sweetness in my frosting, I prefer to add
a bit of salt.

homemade frosting recipe - Dessert


Vanilla Frosting, a Versatile Homemade Frosting

When I’m not particularly preparing chocolate frosting or
cream cheese frosting, this particular vanilla frosting recipe serves as the
foundation for all other frosting recipes.

It’s a straightforward delectable concoction of vanilla,
sugar, cream, and butter. Because of this, adding any type of extract to the
frosting will have the same effect.

A Pro Tip The recipe calls for 2 teaspoons of pure vanilla
extract. Instead of leaving out the vanilla entirely if you want to “mix
things up” with lemon, strawberry, peppermint, or coconut extract, think
about adding 1 teaspoon of each extract along with 1 teaspoon of the other.


Ingredients for funfetti frosting recipe

• Unsalted Butter – Starting with unsalted butter and adding
your own salt is always preferable for quality control.

• Confectioners’/Powdered Sugar.

• Heavily Creamed.

• Vanilla extract that is pure.

• Salt .

• Any colour Jimmies Sprinkles. Or, for various shapes, you
may use tiny soft candy sprinkles. Do not use anything overly firm or sugar


Frosting Recipe (Funfetti Style)

1. Whip the butter until it is very soft. (If necessary, leave
it out at room temperature for a few hours.) A paddle attachment for an
electric mixer should be set out. Put the butter in the mixer’s bowl. The
butter should first be lightly beaten.

2. Beat – Include the cream, vanilla, salt, and powdered
sugar. until smooth, beat. A rubber spatula should be used to scrape the bowl’s

3. Fold – Gently fold in the sprinkles. To avoid breaking
the sprinkles, use your stand mixer’s lowest setting or fold in by hand.


Questions and Answers


24 cupcakes will be covered by this frosting recipe.

• A large sheet cake or a 9-inch cake with two layers.


Refrigerate the frosting with a cover for up to two weeks.
Additionally, frosting can be frozen for up to three months before being kept
in the refrigerator to thaw.

Before using, defrost and bring to room temperature.


Jimmies or soft, little candy sprinkles work best.

Sprinkles made of hard candy make icing challenging to eat
and dissolve into the frosting like sugar.


homemade frosting recipe - Dessert


 Homemade Frosting Recipe

Cooking time: 0 minutes
AVERAGE TIME: 5 minutes

This homemade frosting recipe is incredibly simple and a lot
of fun. A rich and flavorful vanilla frosting base can be used to create
homemade funfetti frosting.



 3 sticks of 1 1/2 cups softened unsalted

• 5 to 6 cups of icing sugar.

• One-fourth cup heavy cream.

• Vanilla extract, 2 tablespoons.

• 1 dash of salt.

• 4 ounces of sprinkles, Jimmies.



Step 1. Ensure that the butter is extremely soft. (If necessary,
allow it to sit outside for a few hours at room temperature.) A paddle
attachment for an electric mixer should be set out. Put the butter in the
mixer’s bowl.

Step 2. For 2 minutes on high, beat the butter until it is light
and fluffy. A rubber spatula should be used to scrape the bowl’s sides.

Step 3. Add two cups of powdered sugar and turn the mixer to low.
Add the salt, vanilla extract, and heavy cream after beating until combined.

Step 4. Scrub the basin once more. Then add 3–4 more cups of
powdered sugar progressively while maintaining the mixer on low. Once combined,
turn the mixer on high for a minute to remove any clumps.

Step 5. Restart the mixer on low, then add the sprinkles. Once
they appear equal, halt. The sprinkles will begin to break if you beat them for
an extended period. (If your mixer does not have a very low setting, stir the
sprinkles in with a spatula.)



Adapt for the holidays, please! In this recipe, you can use
any jimmies colour combination. Consider using red and green for Christmas or
black and orange for Halloween.

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