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How to Cook the Best Chicken Biryani (Step by Step)

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I’m thrilled to share with you today the chicken biryani recipe that has received the most requests from readers. To create a dish that the whole family will love, succulent, juicy pieces of chicken are cooked in a yoghurt marinade before being piled with crunchy onions, coriander, mint, and
basmati rice. To enable you to prepare this chicken biryani in the style of a restaurant at home.

 In India, “biryani” refers to more than only biryani. Across the country’s length and width, there exist differences.
Hyderabadi biryani, which I’m offering today, is made with a lot of gravy or masala and rice that is cooked gently in a sealed pot. Then there is the Muslim wedding biryani, which has less masala but is still flavorful and made
primarily of whole spices. There are also many other varieties, such as the donne biryani from Karnataka and Kerala.


How to Cook Biryani (step by step)

Biryani is excellent in every form and is almost like a one-pot meal that families enjoy and eat together as a celebration!

However, I have to be completely honest with you. Before I made the decision to publish this recipe, I had never prepared chicken biryani. And I was persuaded by how many of you asked for a legitimate, real biryani
recipe that was also manageable.
We also enjoy biryani. Typically, biryani is made with
mutton, but this dish with chicken made us think again.

I was anxious when I tried it for the first time since it seemed so challenging and like there was a tonne of steps. Consequently, I decided to explain them to you after taking a long breath. Do you intend to prepare biryani? Here are 19 recommendations for the best-ever biryani!

the components of chicken biryani

The ingredients you will need to create biryani are listed

• Chicken: For chicken biryani, I only like to use thighs and drumsticks because they retain their moisture and don’t overcook during the prolonged cooking process. Chicken breast is a big no-no for me since it will dry up and become rubbery.

• Yoghurt: Homemade curd or dahi, plain yoghurt, or Greek yoghurt all work well. acts as a tenderizer and gives the masala some tang.

• Fried Onions: Also known as a barista, the steps for making fried onions at home are listed below. However, pre-packaged fried onions are now a more practical choice and are widely accessible. Frozen fried onions can
be kept for a while if they are kept in an airtight container. Tomato puree gives the marinade taste and substance.

• Ginger-Garlic Paste: This is simply ground ginger and garlic; I recommend preparing your own, but store-bought works too if you’re in
a rush.

• Whole Spices: Bay Leaf, Cloves, Green Cardamom, and saffron (kesar for that distinctive orange colour) – these form the flavour base and give biryani that distinct fragrance that wafts up as soon as you open
the pot. • Ground Spices: Red Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, and Garam Masala Powder (sub with a mix of paprika and cayenne if living outside India).

• Herbs: Fresh mint and cilantro (coriander) leaves are necessary for making biryani. They bring the rice and chicken together and provide freshness. Fat & Dairy: Oil and ghee. You can choose to use solely
ghee, but in my opinion, that adds even more richness to the biryani. However, ghee was historically employed to prepare biryani. Additionally, a little milk is required to soak the saffron threads.

• Basmati rice is a crucial component of most biryani recipes, even those from countries other than India, such as Pakistan and Afghanistan. Please be aware that long-grain rice is not the same as basmati
rice. Although basmati contains long grains, it also has a unique smell and aroma. Buy old basmati rice that has been sitting on the shelf for at least a year or two.

Basmati rice and fried onions

It’s crucial to get the fried onions perfect because they
are a fundamental component of this dish. Sliced onions are placed in oil over
a medium burner and browned. Onions should be a deep golden brown without
becoming scorched, but they don’t need to be particularly crispy. These days,
it’s simple to find pre-fried onions in stores; you can also use those.

Make careful to purchase ‘basmati rice’ and not large grain
rice while selecting rice for the biryani. While at first glance they may
appear similar, top-quality
basmati rice has fragrant, long, thin grains as
contrasted to long-grain rice’s thicker, less fragrant grains. To get the
basmati rice to the proper doneness, which is 70%, it must be boiled in boiling
water for exactly 5 minutes with full spices and salt.

 Rice should be
thoroughly drained to remove any extra water. When we eventually cook the rice
with the chicken, it will continue to steam, which is when the rice absorbs the
flavour and aroma of the chicken, saffron, mint leaves, and coriander.


How to Cook Biryani (step by step)

chicken biryani marinade instructions

The marinade is mostly responsible for the flavour of this
Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani. To flavour the chicken, we use tomato puree, red
chilli powder, turmeric, coriander, garam masala, and salt. Yoghurt is used as
a tenderizer.

 For the best flavour, marinate the chicken in a sizable bowl for
at least two hours or overnight. As I’ve previously stated, I prefer to make
chicken biryani exclusively with thighs and legs because they are the juiciest
and do not dry out during cooking.

chicken biryani recipe

Start by frying the marinated chicken after getting the rice
and fried onions ready. The chicken should be cooked for 7 minutes in a Dutch

oven or other big pot that will also be used to make the biryani. The chicken
just needs to be flipped once at the four-minute point; no stirring is

The fried onions, mint, and coriander are then layered on
top of the half-cooked chicken. The herbs offer a tonne of flavour and
freshness, while the onions add sweetness and richness.

The last step is to layer 70% cooked basmati rice on top.
Add ghee and saffron milk, then closely cap with a lid. A tight cover works
just as well as the dough that was once used to seal the pot to keep steam
inside. This should be prepared over a low burner to ensure equal heating and
prevent burning on the bottom.

So there you have it! I would classify this as a weekend
project because the entire process takes about an hour, but after you’ve made
biryani at home, you’ll see how quick and easy it is! There is nothing like the
the smell of chicken biryani drifting through the home to entice everyone to the
table, so the fruits of your labour will look like this.

Let’s just say that my five attempts to ensure that I give
you directions that you can easily follow at home did not seem to be

How to Cook Biryani (step by step)

prevent the bottom of the biryani from burning

 When making chicken biryani, it’s crucial to use a pot with
a hefty bottom to prevent the chicken pieces from being burned or scorched.
When preparing this biryani, a dutch oven will be your greatest friend because
it maintains a consistent temperature.

 Additionally, it has a thick bottom that
prevents food from burning quickly. Another suggestion is to keep the biryani
pot on a level surface, such as a tava. This will shield it from direct heat
and cause it to steam at a low temperature.

serving recommendations:

Serve raita, salad, and perhaps a salad with the chicken
biryani. Keep your sides straightforward; a decent biryani doesn’t require

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