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How to make Custard with custard powder (step by step)

by Cookbak

  Custard Recipe  

 Publishing a how-to for a product with instructions on the
packet could seem foolish. But I’ve witnessed so many custard explosions and
disasters of the Bird’s variety that it doesn’t seem all that absurd.
Therefore, I’ve created this how to make custard powder custard instruction as
a quick, simple, and microwave-friendly approach to make this traditional British
dessert foolproof.

Some folks are surprised that I even use custard powder
while being a skilled baker and cook. Yes, I do. In 90% of cases. I like this
kind of custard because I find the canned and carton varieties to be bland and
tinny. Additionally, a true crème Anglaise created from scratch is a completely
different sauce.

Therefore, never ever let anyone make you feel bad about
using a “shortcut” product in the kitchen, whether it’s because it’s
what you have on hand, it makes you nostalgic for childhood pudding, or you
just like it.


There are two goods that are widely available in the UK,
which is confusing yet true.

You may make instant custard powder by simply adding hot
water to a completely formed dehydrated custard. I don’t particularly enjoy the
flavour, and this essay isn’t about that kind of custard powder.

Flavoured cornflour is essentially what custard powder is.
You need to add sugar and milk to make the genuine custard. The custard powder
I’m referring to in this post is this.



When Alfred Bird created a method of preparing custard in
1837 for his wife who was allergic to eggs, custard powder was born. She was
unable to consume the typical custard because eggs are used to thicken it. He
launched a business and began selling it because other people loved it.

To this day, Bird’s custard is the UK’s most identifiable
brand of custard. I have returned to using it after using several own brand
custard powders for years. Some of the imitations, in my opinion, have a weird
almond flavour, which I don’t particularly like. Therefore, if you can, I do
suggest using Bird’s custard.

Fun fact: Alfred Bird is credited with creating baking



Please, hot and plenty of it!

Seriously, there aren’t many classic British desserts that
go well with custard. From warm crumbles like Plum & Apple, Strawberry or
Apple & Blueberry to Jam Sponge Puddings, Chocolate Brioche Bread Pudding
and more Flapjacks with chocolate chips and fig upside-down cake.

And don’t forget the traditional bananas and custard, which
is a true genre staple.

Custard powder can also be used in cold desserts in a few
other situations.

How to make Custard with custard powder ( step by step )




Custard Powder

Obviously! I’ve already said that you should stay away from
instant custard and that I prefer to use the leading brand, Bird’s custard. But
any existing own brand variety can be prepared using this microwave technique.


I use skimmed milk because I always have it on hand and in
the house. You might want to add a little bit more or boil the custard a little
bit less if you use semi- or full milk. The custard gets thicker the thicker
the milk.

For a richer custard, you can substitute all or some of the
milk with single (light) cream.


I only employ common white granulated sugar. Unless you
only have caster (superfine) sugar on hand, there is no advantage to utilising

Please avoid using brown sugar as it will add a flavour you
don’t want. However, using unbleached sugar is acceptable.


Melted dark chocolate can be included into the finished,
thickened custard to create a straightforward chocolate custard.

To create a thick custard layer in a trifle that is a
cheat’s trick, you may also add melted white chocolate. Or, for the same
outcome with a less flavorful texture, add more cornflour.


Vegetarians can eat custard powder custard as written.

Simply swap out the standard cow milk for a plant-based
milk to make Vegan Custard Powder Custard.

Please take note that although there is a “may
contain” warning for milk on the label, Bird’s custard does not contain
any milk products in the ingredient list (as of September 2022).

How to make Custard with custard powder ( step by step )



 How to make Custard Powder Custard (MICROWAVE). 


o1 500 ml Milk

o2 tbsp Custard Powder 

o3 tbsp Sugar



1.Pour 2 tbsp. of sugar and 3 tbsp. of custard powder into
a medium mixing dish.

2. Add a small amount of 500 ml of milk and stir until the
powder and sugar come together in a paste.

3. A little extra milk to make the liquid looser.

4.Add the remaining milk and whisk to incorporate.

To ensure that no paste or powder is left unmixed, be sure
to scrape the bowl’s bottom and sides.

5.Note: You can use a sizable measuring jug that is
microwave-safe for this. When adding the milk, just fill the jug to slightly
over 500ml.

6. Microwave for 3 minutes on high.

7. Remove the bowl from the microwave, then mix the

8. Continue to cook on high for an additional 2 minutes. By
now, the custard should have at least somewhat thickened; whisk it all again to
ensure a uniform texture.

9. Continue to microwave the mixture on high for 30 second
intervals, whisking after each one, until it reaches the desired thickness.

If it is almost there, shorten the intervals to 10 seconds

10. Present as required.



 My custard took a total of 6 minutes to cook in
a 700w microwave with a heavy-duty plastic mixing bowl.

The heating time will vary depending on the material of
your bowl or jug. You will need to microwave the food for longer to get the
same cook if it absorbs more heat.

More heat will be absorbed by ceramic and pyrex than by
thin plastic. More heat will be absorbed by thicker ceramic than by thinner
ceramic, etc.

Before usage, please make sure your dish is microwave-safe.



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