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Recipe for Shamrock Shake (Peppermint Shake)

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Recipe for Shamrock Shake: (Peppermint Shake) 

Better As McDonald’s, The Best Shamrock Shake Recipe – With
sprinkles and a cherry on top, these imitation peppermint milkshakes are sweet,
wonderfully minty, enjoyable and delicious!

A Brief History of Shamerock Shake

1. Hal Rosen, a Connecticut-based McDonald’s owner and operator, invented the Shamrock Shake® in 1967 as a special St. Patrick’s Day treat. When it made its national debut in 1970, it immediately became popular all over the country.

2. In Philadelphia, the first Ronald McDonald House was erected thanks to shake sales in 1974. When the daughter of a Philadelphia Eagles player was receiving leukaemia treatment, the project got underway.

 The family raised enough money through the sale of Shamrock Shakes to assist in opening the first Ronald McDonald House as a way to keep families close during trying times. This was done in collaboration with a local McDonald’s Owner and Operator Hal Rosen, McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Through a network of regional Chapters and more than 1,000 core programmes, Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®) is still able to keep millions of families with sick children close to the attention and resources they require on a global scale.

Why This Milkshake Recipe Is Our Favourite

Make your preferred peppermint shake from your favourite
fast food joint in your own blender instead of going through the drive-through!
This green peppermint shake is a knockoff of the Shamrock Shake from
McDonald’s. It has the ideal ratio of sweet mint flavour to vanilla ice cream,
plus it has naturally that familiar light green colour. However, since you are
in complete control of the components here, you can be sure it will taste even

It’s simple to make other popular mint milkshakes using this
shamrock shake recipe with a minor adjustment. You can make a replica of an
Arby’s Mint Chocolate Shake (yes, the one with Andes mints! ), Chick-Fil-A’s
Peppermint Shake, or Wendy’s Peppermint Frosty with only a couple of

For the finest advice on how to quickly prepare peppermint
shakes like those from fast food restaurants at home, keep reading!


Components Required

• Try our homemade vanilla ice cream if your favourite brand
isn’t available.

• Whole or 2% fat milk.

• Use premium peppermint extract for the greatest flavour.

Green food colouring to achieve the traditional
shamrock-green hue.

Added garnishes We garnish the maraschino cherries, whipped
cream, and green sprinkles on top of our mint milkshakes.


Recipe for Shamrock Shake (Peppermint Shake)


Making a Shamrock Shake

First, soften the ice cream by placing it on the counter for
about 5 minutes.

Add 6 scoops of vanilla ice cream to the blender after that.
(This equates to about 3 cups.)

the milk.

Add the green food colouring after the peppermint essence.

Just enough to make the milkshake mixture smooth, cover and
blend. To make it liquify faster, avoid overblending.

The milkshakes should be poured into two mugs.

Pro Tip: For a very icy peppermint shake, chill the glasses
in the fridge for about an hour ahead.


How to Decorate a Shake

Really, though… Would this be the finest recipe for an
untopped Shamrock Shake? I disagree.

Start by liberally dousing the cake with whipped cream.

Add the green sprinkles after that.

Add a cherry on top, please!

Variations in Recipes

Make any of your favourite fast food smoothies at home using
this simple recipe! These straightforward substitutions for other versions:


Leave out the green food colouring. Add crushed peppermint
candy or peppermint chip.



Keep using the green food colouring; you can even add one
extra drop for a darker shade of green. Before pouring the shake into each
glass, add swirls of chocolate syrup. To complete the experience, garnish with chopped
Andes mints.


Simply substitute green food colouring for red to create a
pink milkshake to serve as a mint frosty. Ta-da!


Questions and Answers


This famous milkshake from McDonald’s has a mint flavour. It
has a subtle peppermint flavour that is not overbearing like mint toothpaste
because to the delicious vanilla ice cream.


Decorate the shakes however you like, from simple to
elaborate. Before pouring the milkshake, add chocolate swirls inside the glass
or dip the rim in simple syrup and sprinkles.

If you don’t like sprinkles, consider adding edible glitter
or crushed sugar crystals instead.

And everyone enjoys a shake with a nice straw!


Add one more scoop of ice cream, then blend just long enough
to thicken. For a shake that is incredibly thick, you can also use heavy
whipping cream in place of milk.

Leave out the ice! Even though adding ice would seem to make
it thicker, the ice will eventually melt and dilute the shake.

Recipe for Shamrock Shake (Peppermint Shake)


Recipe for Shamrock Shake (Peppermint Shake).

AVERAGE TIME: 5 minutes

With sprinkles and a cherry on top, these McDonald’s
peppermint milkshake knockoffs are sweet, wonderfully minty, enjoyable and



• 3 cups of vanilla ice cream with 6 scoops.

3/4 cup of milk.

• 1/2 tsp. of extract of peppermint.

• Ten or more drops of green food dye.

• Whipped cream green sprinkles and maraschino cherries as



1. Fill the blender with 6 scoops of vanilla ice cream.
(This equates to about 3 cups.)

2. Fill the blender with the milk, peppermint essence, and
green food colouring. When the milkshake mixture is smooth, cover and blend.

3. Fill two tumblers with the milkshakes. Add maraschino
cherries, whipped cream, and green sprinkles as garnish.



Be aware that this green peppermint shake is a knockoff of
McDonald’s well-known shamrock shake. But if you exclude the colouring and
include peppermint chips, you get Chick-fil-A’s peppermint shake. You can also
make Arby’s renowned peppermint shake by keeping the green food colouring,
adding chocolate swirls to your glass, and topping it with Andes mints. Any
version can be duplicated using this method.

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